PBA Technology's role includes sales and technical representation, as well as distributorship and stockist, for the following principals and vendors:

Alcore (OWL95)

Manufacturer of aluminum honeycomb and lightning strike dissipation material

Av-DEC (1NPE1)

Manufacturer of non-hazardous corrosion prevention gaskets, tapes and seals

Donaldson Filtration Solutions (F0218)

Manufacturer of avionic ventilation air, hydraulic, pneumatic and fuel filters


Aviation ground power systems, portable aircraft fueling/de-fueling pumps

ITW Polymers Asia

Distributor of surface protection chemicals, structural adhesives and high quality cleaners

Kunststoff Krüger GmbH

Manufacturer of both semi and finished plastics parts for the aerospace industry

M. C. Gill Corp (22457)

Manufacturer of honeycomb panels, floor board panels & cargo liners


One of the leading Aerospace (fly-away and non fly-away) tape manufacturer approved by Boeing, Airbus, P&W, CFM

Pacific Coast Composites (3A4X2)

Distributor of adhesives, prepregs & aviation chemicals

Regent Aerospace (05P51)

FAA / EASA Approved repair / refurbishing / overhaul shop for aircraft seats and PMA manufacturer for aircraft seats spare parts

S. E. L. A. (F0010)

Manufacturers of cockpit lighting systems and accessories (applicable for Airbus & Eurocopter Helicopter)

Skylock Industries, Inc (51941)

Manufacturer of aircraft latches, struts & portable water dispensing equipment

Titanium Metal Corporation (6B662)

World's largest manufacturer and distributor of high quality titanium products equipment



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